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Join our community-driven music metaverse!


Our mission is to build a community-driven music metaverse for our members and promising artists to share, promote, and monetize music.


TapeHeads are a collection of 10k cassette tape enthusiasts who love music. For an initial offering of 0.03 ETH, you can help build a music metaverse with your own unique TapeHead.


Develop Community Foundation Fund (DAO)


Implement community-led proposals on DAO funds


Official launch of TapeHeads metaverse with music events



Free Sandbox avatars for the first 2,500 holders (see FAQ)

Begin development of TapeHeads      metaverse

Launch “Music in the Metaverse” podcast


Expansion of the TapeHeads      metaverse


Develop a virtual record store in TapeHeads Land


Limited edition merchandise drop


Access to TapeHeads Land on Sandbox

Voting rights on the development of the metaverse

Cost-free rental on TapeHeads Land for events

Exclusive Sandbox avatars for early adopters

Exclusive first dibs on our future NFT collection drops

Exclusive limited edition and rare merchandise

Access to our “Music in the Metaverse” Podcast



  • What is ProtoHeads?
    ProtoHeads is the parent company to TapeHeads, VinylHeads, and DiscHeads collection.
  • When is the first drop?
    The TapeHeads collection will be our first drop, which is currently set for April 15th, 2022. The initial drop will be 10,000 TapeHeads collection and the first 2,500 token holders will be rewarded with a limited edition TapeHeads avatar for the Sandbox metaverse (redemption timeline contingent on Sandbox opening the marketplace to the public).
  • What are the benefits of holding ProtoHeads’ NFT Tokens?
    Token holders are incentivized to hold their token to become part of our music community in the metaverse. Some of the benefits include: Voting rights on the development of metaverse spaces & DAO Promote music and artists of your liking to host events in the metaverse Cost-free rental in the metaverse for our community members to hold music events i.e. DJ nights, rap battles, music festivals, etc. Community members who are creators can promote and sell music through our virtual record store in the metaverse.
  • How to mint TapeHeads NFTs?
    Install MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet extension in browser. For mobile, install MetaMask app. Click on the “MINT” button to go to the minting dapp. Click on “Connect” to connect your MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet extension. Select the number of TapeHeads you want to mint (max of 5 per transaction). Click on “BUY” and sign the transaction on your wallet extension.
  • What kind of gas fees can we expect for minting?
    We have used a low gas fee smart contract for the TapeHeads utility tokens. When you mint, the Metamask gas limit shows the upper limit of the gas fee. Actual transaction fees will be 50-70% lower. For a recent mint of 5 TapeHeads at 45.11 gwei, the transaction fee was $26.96. The transaction can be found here. Other transactions and the smart contract can be found here.
  • How many drops can we expect from ProtoHeads in the future?
    ProtoHeads will release a total of 3-unique NFT collections -- TapeHeads, VinylHeads and DiscHeads, which will all hold exclusive benefits unique to each collection. TapeHeads consists of 10,000 tokens, whereas VinylHeads and DiscHeads will have very limited number of tokens.
  • When will the future collections drop?
    Future collection drops are planned after the completion of Phase 1 of our roadmap. These drops are carefully planned to provide adequate funding for the continuity of the project.
  • What is your royalty fee structure?
    The TapeHeads collection drop will have a 5% royalty fee on secondary sales on NFT marketplaces. The royalty fee will be reinvested into designing and developing the TapeHeads metaverse.
  • When will the Sandbox Metaverse launch?
    We will begin work in the Sandbox metaverse after completing our first TapeHeads collection drop. We have secured 25+ plots of land in Sandbox for future expansion and we will continue to add more metaverse venues to reach a wider audience. Sandbox currently limits building and publishing assets to only 1% of creators in the Creators' Fund. We will only be able to open our metaverse, TapeHeads Land, to our token holders when Sandbox opens its marketplace available to the public.
  • Which TapeHeads features are the rarest?
    There are several rare attributes that make each TapeHeads unique. These rare attributes will provide holders added benefits such as access to rare merchandise, early access to previews of TapeHeads metaverse, and specialized community roles. Tape Color -- Gold, Silver Tape Reel -- Gold, Silver
  • How to redeem Sandbox TapeHeads avatar?
    The holders of the first 2,500 TapeHeads NFTs (token ID: 01 - 2500) at the time of the snapshot are eligible to receive a Sandbox TapeHeads avatar. The release of the Sandbox TapeHeads avatar is contingent on the Sandbox marketplace opening to the public. The snapshot time will be announced on our Discord channel a week before token holders are able to redeem. Eligible TapeHeads NFT holders will be whitelisted to mint the free Sandbox TapeHeads avatar (not including gas fees).
  • When will the hidden NFT images be revealed?
    After the first 2,500 TapeHeads NFTs are minted, the hidden NFT images will be revealed. Please refresh your metadata on OpenSea and the NFT image will be revealed in your collection. TapeHeads will only commit to the free Sandbox avatars after the 2,500 NFTs are minted. Accordingly, the rest of the project roadmap is contingent on the success of TapeHeads collection and future collection drops -- VinylHeads and DiscHeads.
  • Where is the TapeHeads Land in Sandbox?
    Due to the limited release of large and medium estates in Sandbox pre-sale event, TapeHeads could only acquire 25+ individual lots. All of the lots are adjacent to one another in one location. ProtoHeads plans to acquire additional plots as we expand on the metaverse. View TapeHeads Land on Sandbox here View SandBox Land on Etherscan here
  • Where are the TapeHeads NFT images and metadata stored?
    The TapeHeads NFT images are currently hosted by IPFS on a paid subscription basis. After the public sale is over, the TapeHeads collection will be moved to ARWeave for permanent storage. This will allow the owners of the NFT to view their collection in perpetuity.

Soyuz Shrestha


Avid collector of tapes, vinyls & a music enthusiast. Telecaster fanatic. Co-founded Ethical Validators, a validating service on Polkadot and Kusama. 

Angelo Gershon


Lifelong Bitcoiner. Diehard RHCP & Hendrix fan. Stratocaster aficionado. Co-founded Ethical Validators, a validating service on Polkadot and Kusama.

Elien Vandemaele


2d artist and graphic designer. Loving the nomad lifestyle, but currently residing in the homeland, Belgium, where I founded Studio Bodin.

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